Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pusha-T Speaks To the.LIFE Files Radio Show

Pusha-T speaks to the.LIFE Files Radio Show featuring J.D. Dapper, Doe Dolla and Tola (The Gyrl Wonder) right before the end of 2007. Pusha talks about the new deal with Columbia/Re-Up Gang Records and how Lil' Wayne doesn't mean anything he says. He also talks about what the Re-Up Gang has in store for 2008. A MUST LISTEN! 

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Malice Gets Re-Up Gang Tattoo

While recording new tracks in South Beach, Miami, over the weekend, Malice decided to get a Re-Up Gang tattoo on his forearm.

Quick Fact: This is Malice' 7th tattoo.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pusha-T Speaks In Re-Up Gang Studio

Pusha responds to Lil' Wayne's recent article in Complex Magazine:"First time he ever touched a gun, he shot his GOD DAMN self."

Monday, December 3, 2007

Re-Up Music: Clipse feat. Pharrell - Cheers

Off DJ Drama's NEW album- Gangasta Grillz (The Album)...In stores December 4, 2007. Pharrell and The Clipse make another hit record! CHEERS !

Pusha At BBC Flagship Opening Celebration, NYC

Scott & Pusha at BBC NYC Flagship opening party at the Bowery Hotel.

Ab Liva, Pusha & Pharrell Chillin' At The Car Show

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Clipse Officially Launch Play Cloths Clothing Line

Clipse, the Virginia Beach-based rap group whose 2006 album, “Hell Hath No Fury,” ended up on several critics’ best-of-the-year lists, is venturing into a new domain: fashion. The sibling duo Pusha T. and Malice, have officially launched a line called Play Cloths.

Bold, rich colors feature prominently, said Pusha Thursday. He took his scrapbook of inspirations to Virginia designers, who helped him develop the pieces. T-shirts will be the staple of the line initially, with denims, jackets, sweatshirts and knits figuring in later.
“It’s based around the idea of when clothes were collectables,” he said. “It represents youth and influence.”

Clipse, who plan to release an album next summer, said they’ll promote the clothing line at the fashion trade show Magic in Las Vegas in February. Pusha declined to comment on price, but said Play Cloths will only be carried at select boutiques. That’s the same strategy used by their friend and producer Pharrell Williams of Virginia Beach, who oversees the lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

Williams and Clipse cemented their reputations as trendsetters after they almost single-handedly imported and popularized the Japanese cult clothing brand A Bathing Ape. Clipse copycats became so ubiquitous that their armies of “Mini-mes” inspired the group to write a song, “Mr. Me Too.”

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The Clipse Move To Sony Records

Platinum-selling rap duo the Clipse have inked a deal with Rick Rubin at Sony/Columbia Records. The move cements Columbia 's commitment to a growing urban music roster that includes global phenoms BeyoncĂ©, Prince and Three 6 Mafia. Under the legendary auspices of Rubin, who personally sanctioned the deal, and the fittingly-named A&R rep Hip-Hop--think Jay-Z, Kanye West, —the Clipse are poised to deliver a lethal dose of their ironic, intoxicating mix of metaphor and message.

"I been a fan of the Clipse since I first heard them," asserts Hip-Hop. "And I ain't a fan of too many things. Every song they come with it, lyrically. They were on a real short list when I got to Sony; I was going all the way to make this happen. We trying to be more of an artist-friendly company, and focus on artists we really love. I liked them three years ago, I liked them yesterday, and I feel like they can be a group with a future."

The Clipse feat. Pharrell - Mr. Me Too Video & Behind The Scenes Footage

How many Mr. Me Too's do you have?

Re-Up Gang Records Presents: We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1 & 2

"Volume 1 prepares listeners for what they’re about to hear. Liva delivers a line that basically summarizes the We Got It 4 Cheap ethos: “Liva the hustler, still in my glory and / Cocaine pusher, doors up, I’m DeLorean.” “Coast to Coast” has the four main characters rattling off only a few bars at a time, and the slight change in approach leaves it as one of the best tracks on the first tape." Stylus Magazine

"Volume 2-- the best examples of what a mixtape can be. Bigger than just that new shit you cop from Canal St., these demonstrate that mixtapes, like albums, can be an art form. Mixing, scratching, beat choice, reconfiguring choruses-- all come into play, elevating typical songwriting into philosophical, deconstructionist terms."Pitchfork

AB Liva Speaks...

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