Monday, March 31, 2008

Re-Up Gang & Green Lantern Chillin' @ SIRIUS Radio

The Re-Up Gang aka The Fantastic Four & Green Lantern at Sirius Satellite Radio studios.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Re-Up Gang LIVE Performance @ SxSW

Advertise on PCTV 8: The Clipse/Re-Up Gang @ SxSW

Check out this footage of the Re-Up Gang's South by Southwest performance at Club Emo's in Austin, TX.

Re-Up Music: WGIFC- Vol.3 "Rainy Dayz"

The Re-Up Gang with another classic track off the 'We Got It For Cheap. Vol. 3', mixtape.

We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 - "Rainy Dayz" (A Must Listen)

Check out this footage of the Re-Up Gang's South by Southwest performance at Club Emo's in Austin, TX. Watch HERE

Sunday, March 23, 2008

NEW Re-Up Gang Freestyle LIVE On The Radio With Greg Street

Ab-Liva spit FIRE right here!!!!

Re-Up Gang @ New Era Flagship Store In Atlanta

Over the weekend, the Re-Up Gang had an instore signing for their NEW mixtape, "We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3" at the New Era Flagship store in Atlanta.

Pusha-T looking for a fresh NEW fitted cap.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re-Up Gang: Blowin' Up The Spot

By Alvin "aqua" Blanco
Call them the Fantastic Four. Except, their superpowers were not the result of cosmic radiation but a byproduct of a appreciation for the fundamentals of Hip-Hop lyricism; wordplay and delivery. Composed of VA’s Malice and Pusha T of the Clipse and Philly brethren Ab-Liva (formerly of Major Figgas) and Sandman, this fearsome foursome call themselves the Re-Up Gang.

Riding a Pyrex and powder laced pair of critically acclaimed albums (Lord Willin’ (2002), Hell Hath No Fury (2006)) and a rep bolstered by staggeringly potent volumes of their We Got It for Cheap mixtaptes—the latest being Vol 3: The Spirit of Competition—the Re-Up Gang is motivated by a love of creating dope rap music. No pun intended. Now rolling with Columbia Records in 50/50 joint venture for their Re-Up Gang Records, Pusha, Malice, Ab-Liva and Sandman spoke in depth about everything from the beef with that guy from New Orleans to being independently major to their exasperation with former home Jive on down to how they are their own greatest inspiration. Alright, so Volume 3's been out. How's the feedback been?

Malice: It's real good, it's been a long time coming. A lot of people have been waitin' for Volume 3. A lot of success on Volume 2, Volume 1 also was hot and the feedback we get is everyone saying Volume 3 definitely lived up to, if not exceeded Volume 2, so we're happy with that. Obviously you were aware of the success of Volume 2, is that part of the reason why it took a little longer to drop Volume 3?

Pusha-T: Yeah, we had all intentions, with all the albums that were dropping, to come out a little earlier because the whole theme and the whole premise behind Volume 3 was “the spirit of competition.” So we was goin' to take all the albums that dropped — Jay, Kanye — everybody who was supposed to drop but didn't drop - take all their beats and black out on them. That was what it was supposed to be, but a lot of albums came out and the beats weren't there. So we were like, “Damn, what are we goin' do?” So then we had to go back to diggin’ in the crates and finding the "Scenario 2000" record and going back to "Rainy Dayz." We were doing this s**t off of inspiration; like the records that inspired us and so on and so forth. Hopefully hoping we were going to get inspiration from the joints that did drop, but didn't.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Re-Up Gang Sit Down & Talk To

This is the LAST TIME you will hear the Re-Up Gang talk about this Lil' Wayne guy!

Clipse talk about why they decided to roll with Sony/Columbia after leaving Jive..

Sandman speaks....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clipse @ Bow Wow's 21st B-Day Party @ The JET Nightclub In Las Vegas

Pusha-T & Malice were in Las Vegas, over the weekend to help Bow Wow celebrate his 21st birthday at the JET nightclub. Jermaine Dupri, Swizz Beatz, Snoop Dogg and Melody Thornton were also in the building.
A lot of bottles were poppin' that night!
Happy Birthday to Bow Wow!
Check out Bow Wow's entourage....

Jermaine Dupri speaks on Bow Wow's party and watch the Clipse perform.

Check out this quick snippet of the Clipse with Bow Wow on stage performing 'Grindin'.

PICS Of The Re-Up Gang @ Emo's Main Room

Here are some pictures of the Re-Up Gang performing at Emo's Main Room.

Check out the Play Cloths t-shirt!
If you weren't at Emo's Main Room for this classic performance, you NEED to be at the next one.

HOT Shades Pusha!

Re-Up Gang Perform "20k Brothers On The Corner" LIVE

LIVE @ The Mohawk
Listen to 20k Brothers On The Corner HERE

"Mamma I'm So Sorry" LIVE @ The Mohawk

Live @ the Mohawk

Re-Up Music: Off The NEW WGIFC Vol. 3 - "Show You How To Hustle"

Re-Up Gang Talk To Mtv @ The SXSW

Re-Up Gang's 5X5 @ SXSW

Re-Up Candid: Pusha-T & Pharrell Backstage @ The SXSW Concert

Pusha-T & Pharrell were spotted backstage enjoying a laugh together. They must of just seen a "Mr. Me Too" in the area.

Friday, March 14, 2008

PICS Of Re-Up Gang Performing At The Mohawk

Pusha & Malice on their way to the stage.

Ab- Liva & Sandman had the crowd going CRAZY!

Malice takes a candid photo with a Re-Up Gang ROLLER

We see you Steve!

Big props to Danny P. A TRUE Re-Up Gang ROLLER!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Got It 4 Cheap In Austin, Texas

The Clipse will be performing TONIGHT in Austin.
Shout out to TEXAS!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get Ready To Re-Up TEXAS

The Re-Up Gang will be in Texas, March 14, 2008. Be sure to join the Re-Up Gang ROLLERS and put up pictures from their performance at Emo's Main Room.

Come Celebrate Bow Wow's B-Day With The Re-Up Gang

The Re-Up Gang will be in Las Vegas this weekend making an appearance at Bow Wow's 21st Birthday party at the Jet Mirage Nightclub. Pictures from the party coming soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clipse Talk Play Cloths To

Fans of Hip-Hop inspired fashions may get a glimpse at the Clipse's new label Play Cloths as early as this summer, the rappers told The line, which was originally scheduled to preview at the February edition of the Magic Marketplace Fashion and Apparel Trade Show in Las Vegas, will now make it's debut at the Show in late August.

"Right now it's in the development stages," Malice told "We just left Magic in Vegas, I think we'll be showing at Magic in August." First announced in late December, an official description of the line defines it as having a classic style, specifically designed with a rare urban appeal.

It is said to be a "blend of American style, with the French Riviera and Monte Carlo uses of rich, vibrant primary colors to create collectible garments." The new clothing line, created with the help of designer Doug Life, is inspired by a time when the most wanted fashion pieces were not accessible to the everyday fan,
Malice explains.


Press Release Presents Compete with the Competitors Vol. 2 Hosted by Doe DoLLa and DJ gWiz!

New York, January 27, 2009: Doe DoLLa is back and hotter than ever at! He is clearly the new Quincy Jones of our generation and truly force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Due to the overwhelming demand of Vol 1 with 25k downloads; Doe DoLLa and DJ gWiz is bringing you the hottest unsigned artist once again on one album with Compete with Competitors Vol.2. This much anticipated compilation includes new music from Sandman, Mel Buckley, Gerreddi, Sage Michael and EXCLUSIVE music from Max B with production by Ron Browz, Teflon The Producer, Dame Grease and Pharell Williams. has been known to capture the attention of the music industry and has proven to break new artist on both urban and cross over radio. Unsigned artist now have a home where they can be highlighted worldwide. is the premier destination to promote the best unsigned talent from all genres. See Doe DoLLa himself along with New York’s finest DJ gWiz in behind the scenes footage of the making of vol. 2 HERE. To promote your music log on to

*For interview opportunities with Doe DoLLa please contact Tamara Louis at

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Re-Up Gang Speaks To DJ Envy On Hot 97, NYC

Sandman & Ab-Liva Fader TV Interview

You already know that Re-Up Gang's Sandman & Ab-Liva (MAJOR FIGGAS DO IT BIG!) are two of Philly's nicest MCs. You already know all about the industry yaddy yaddy ya, and that We Got It for Cheap parts 1, 2, and 3 have burned holes in your mind, and you can recite them in your sleep. But did you know they are also hilarious dudes? When they came through the FADER Sugar Shack for this video interview, they played Ping-Pong in our conference room and extolled the virtues of Nacho Libre (one of Sandman's favorite movies). But we caught all the real gems on tape—from Sandman detailing his googling habits, to Liva detailing Sandman's smoking habits.

Get To Know Sandman(Listen NOW)

Get To Know Ab-Liva(Listen NOW)

Shout out to THE FADER

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pt. II: Re-Up Gang Intervivew With interviews Malice, Sandman & Ab Liva. Discusses upcoming album, producers, Philly & more.