Thursday, February 7, 2008

Re-Up Gang Makes Another CLASSIC Mixtape

Tom Breihan from the Village Voice gives his views on the NEW Re-Up Gang mixtape entitiled Clipse: Back with Vengeance.

Maybe not all rappers care about this; maybe not even most. But Clipse seems to exist specifically for that moment where the first time you're hearing a verse you can't quite believe what you're hearing, where you close your eyes and squinch your face up and maybe pound your fist against your steering wheel or your desk the empty subway seat next to you. Any number of reasons exist why we haven't heard from this group at length since 2006's Hell Hath No Fury: they've been touring, they've been figuring out their label situation, they've been reeling from the overwhelming commercial failure of HHNF. But I'd prefer to think they've been hunched over notepads somewhere, figuring out just how many ways they can still figure out to say that they used to deal drugs, obsessively rewriting their lines over and over. The Lil Wayne model where you record ten songs in a night and leak them all the next morning doesn't work for these guys. Every line on their new mixtape, (deep breath) We Got It 4 Cheap, Volume 3: The Spirit of Competition (We Just Think We Better), is a product of intense work. Lyrically, this thing is so dense it's almost exhausting, and I'm going to need a while to fully process the whole thing; even on my sixth or so listen, half the stuff on the later tracks still sails over my head. But that magic face-squinch moment happens over and over again.



jnh said...

they jumping on the bandwagon Clipse fans knew dat since day1!

all in all...all good feedback is great news for the new year!

creamkid said...

i mustve accidently rapped a verse in class at least a few times already, and i prolly look really pissed half the time when im bumpin this tape in the headphones. this tape makes me want to pick fights all day, in a good way if you can imagine that hah.

one dead three wounded said...

Ay, first off top the mixtape has been on constant rotation since released... and that's the DJ DRAMA version. I don't know why these lames keep complaining, you know more than half of them got Gangsta Grizzillz on their iPods.

Can y'all put up some links to larger versions of the new, OFFICIAL album cover/back please?

Mark said...

this is the best We Got It For Cheap yet. Holy fucking shit it is incredible. THANK YOU RE UP GANGGGGGG

jnh said...

See I don't agree best thing to happen with vol 2 and 3 is the studio version. Fuck havin some ass screaming thru my speakers and fucking my vibe up! Mixtape DJs and Radio DJs aren't the same anymore. They only gonna play what the majority of the public want to hear. Every mixtape dj basically has the same tracks and the tracks they think they are leaking are already on the net if you know where to look. Radio DJs are the same, clipse have been playing them...hell no. Clipse won't change their style to "fit in" with the rest of music so they get no love. I've been saying this forever that mixtape and radio Djs are way overrated now. There's nomore djs that play the hot tracks by the artists with lil airplay, instead they want to play the same 5 artists 5 times an hour. Clipse been releasing hot verses for years! Every1 else need to step there flow game up! That's one thing the clipse can brag about 90% of the people who have vol 2 have every mixtape/cd they put out, real fans there.
Va still grindin!

P O C O N O S said...

Vol.3 is real nutty! Genius verses. I had to go back to Exclusive Audio Footage to contrast and compare. Good work. I'm pleased. Ab-Liva and Sandman locked in on this one.

Anonymous said... if you thought it would be anything else...2 Up 2 Down, All Day!

P O C O N O S said...

who's got the lyrics for "Bring It Back" 2nd verse. There's alot of shit going on in that verse, "Ask and you shall . . . . ". I want to analyze it on my blog:

rapta-tooth said...

i love it.

wat's with the shots at pharrell tho?


10.5/10 for sure.

chad said...

I sorta miss hearing the GET FAMILIAR in between tracks, to be honest. Clinton Sparks did it right, he threw his signature on the shit without screaming all over the fucking tracks. Fuck DJ Drama.

chad said...

Ask and you shall receive says the lord
Bless me tenfold then re-po the Porsche
Since when mink stones are means for divorce
Instead you'd rather cling like your life raft was tossed
A pad, a fly bag the must-haves of course
Jimmy Choos, nice calves, I typecast my broads
Tryna live with little less remorse
Tellin my trophy wife these bitches just rewards
And the law don't understand our truth
We don't never say shit we the Blue Man Group
We gon' tuck it in that bitch like a kangaroo
Then switch the '06 to the right now coupe
So clean, the custom Bent'
Got the nerve to step out it like I'm discontent
Your ho look at me like a ship's come in
Would have once engaged but I since repent

Anonymous said...

"i'm every where like On-Star... prolific like W.E.B De Bois.."

that shit is crack!

spit that knowledge able shit.... make these dullard ass fuckers pick up a book

Anonymous said...

i'd like to thank you guys for putting out great music. i've built a business based on your verse.

From the verses in "Street Taxes" w/ Philly's Most, The Funeral to Hell Hath and all the "We got it 4 Cheap".

"Coke money cleaned through Merrill just gasp at the smell of it"

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